Learn about Merchant Giant and save thousands on credit card processing fees. Merchant Giant provides a safe, reliable, and affordable connection between businesses and customers all across the US. We help small and large businesses save thousands of dollars by eliminating credit card processing fees. Merchant Giant makes it easy for merchants to switch their credit card processing system to a zero fee solution, quickly and easily.

Pay a single, low monthly fee for unlimited credit card processing with Merchant Giant processing. You will pay ONLY $35/month no matter how much you process.

Keep your hard earned money. the average Merchant Giant client was paying about $1,500 per month in credit card processing fees. Contact us today and learn how to easily eliminate your credit card processing fees with Merchant Giant.


The success of our valued clients has been highly dependent on our ability to capitalize on emerging industry trends and technology. With one of the best innovative merchant services team in the country, Merchant Giant owes this positive impact to our extensive experience and foresight.

Merchant Giant was born out of the idea of providing a world class, efficient, cost reducing merchant service. Created by small business owners for the small business entrepreneur. Merchant Giant began operating in Los Angeles, California with only 3 employees. We are now operating nationwide with a staff of over 500 professionals.



Wells Fargo Bank

Esquire Bank

People's Trust Company




  • Amy Liu
    I run a small retail business. I understand how important it is to contain costs in order to provide value to the customer. With Merchant Giant, I am able to do just that. I drastically reduced my credit card processing expenses and lowered my prices. My customers keep coming back. That’s the bottom line.
    Amy Liu
  • Sara Wright
    I was skeptical at first, but after listening to Merchant' Giant's rep, it all made sense. I am glad we signed up. The savings have been substantial and the process was seamless. The new terminals were up and running in no time. Excellent customer service, they are there when you need them.
    Sara Wright


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