Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees

There are several reasons why you should eliminate your credit card processing fees. Credit cards are more frequently used now, and so most businesses process them for the customer’s convenience. Most businesses who don’t are often avoided. The ones who do, pay a price as well as credit card costs can take from your profit. Transaction fees are a nuisance to those who can’t afford it, and even to those who can.

The Cost of Credit Card Processing Fees

Transaction fees can cost up to three to five percent of your gross credit card transactions. That money will pile up, especially if your business uses transaction fees to a great amount. You can keep this money if you only apply a convenience fee to credit card transactions.

Passing through a processing fee, after giving customers an easy way to make payments such as an online bill pay, is something you should really consider.

How to Pass Through Your Transaction Processing Fees

Did you know that as a merchant, you are able to eliminate your credit card processing fees? There was a lawsuit against major credit card companies in 2013, and it ended with businesses having the ability to charge credit card users fees. These fees are known as surcharges.

Although it may seem like a dream to eliminate credit card processing fees, you must know businesses must follow certain rules, and there’s always pros and cons to everything. All of this should be considered before you start passing credit card processing fees to customers.

It is now legally permitted to add a surcharge to credit card transactions. With the surcharged rising as much as three to four percent of the sale, it can greatly lower your transaction fees are even eliminate it! This expense can damage your profits, but Merchant Giant can help you add a convenience fee as permitted.

As a business, offering your customer convenience and great service is extremely important, but it shouldn’t have to be at the expense of your money. Instead of paying loads of money on transactions, simply transfer the fees to the consumers with our proven method. Call us today and learn how easy it is to eliminate your credit card processing fees. Or visit us at http://merchantgiant.com/.

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees


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