Are you one of those smart business owners that wants to know how not to pay credit card processing fees? don’t have to pay to process credit cards? Here’s a little secret that banks and credit card companies don’t want you to know. You can pass through or have customers share the cost of credit card processing fees. Since 2013, business owners have been able to do this.

Big corporations such as cell phone carriers, utility companies, grocers, DMVs, and even municipalities have been doing this for years. They all charge a small convenience surcharge fee to use a credit card as a form of payment. Now that’s smart! What are YOU waiting for? You may think that this wouldn’t work for your business because you’re worried of what your customers might think. But while you are afraid of how your customers might feel about it, smart businesses are already saving thousands every year by eliminating process cost. Most of them have been seeing a 7%-10% overall increase in net profits.

This is completely legal. There are several rules you must follow in order to adhere to regulations and Merchant Giant can easily fill you in on what those are.

All of our payment solutions offer a way to accept payments with zero fees. With one call and a simple switch, just like that you can increase your bottom line. Change the process, make a smart business decision and contact Merchant giant today. Visit


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